Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awfully Chocolate @ Raffles City, Sg

I am a chocoholic (pinjam your tagline, J)

After seeing these little shops popping up in several areas in Singapore, and also catching it on tv, I could resist no more. Even before conversion, the prices are steep (as stated by my Sg cousin) but I just had to quell my curiosity. A shop called Awfully Chocolate? Is there such a thing as an awful amount of chocolate?

I first tried the rich chocolate cupcake (about sgd$5) a year ago and months later, asked K to buy the all chocolate cake (sgd$25-50) during a business trip.

They were awesome btw, especially the Moist Dark Chocolate cake. The cake, befitting its name, was indeed moist and very bittersweet like a good dark chocolate. This means a sliver alone can sate me, so we had the cake for a while. This is a good thing because:

1) it is hella expensive;
2) it is rich; and
3) it is in Singapore la wey.

So during my next Singapore trip, I made it a point to go to Awfully Chocolate again. This time I tried the Cold Poached Chocolate.

What exactly is Cold Poached Chocolate (about sgd$6 and up)? Heck, what is poach? I automatically think of eggs, to which I confess I've yet to poach one. Anyway, it seems like they came up with some new method to temper chocolate but instead of using heat, it's cold.

They have several flavours to choose from, mostly boozy though. Your non-alcoholic choices would be Horlicks and Salty Butterscotch (pictured). I had the latter.

This is seriously sinful stuff. I'm not kidding nor exaggerating. A cold slab of chocolate as soft and gooey as a chocolate truffle topped with a mountain of cream and a drizzle of salty butterscotch. 

A spoonful of this gave me a sugar shock.

 The cream was airy and light, a contrast to the dark and dense chocolate. The texture is like sex in your mouth. The salty butterscotch was nice but not memorable, perhaps because it drowned out by everything else or maybe there wasn't enough of it. After a while though, the chocolate orgasms subsided and was replaced with a hangover.

It was shared among 3 people but even then, it was a struggle as the muak factor is high. It is richer than the Sultan of Brunei and unlike the cakes, I found this to be sweeter than my liking.

I'm not saying this isn't sedap but the portion was too much for me to handle in one seating. I would have preferred this in a smaller dose, bite size perhaps.

Awfully Chocolate
Store locations
Price - $$-$$$
No pork served, but there's hidden booze eg cooking alcohol. Not certified halal by MUIS.

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