Sunday, November 10, 2013

Restoran Capati Maju Rapat @ Ipoh

Truth be told, I was a bit reluctant to come here. I like capati but what's so special about this one that we'd drive all the way from Klang Valley to Ipoh for? It sure looks like your typical mamak shop, and it wasn't even crowded (but to be fair, we did come at an off-peak hour).

K: We came with middling expectations and we went away with great appreciation of the modest capati. All hail the capati!!


We came here quite late, around 11ish, I think so we didn't get any freshly made capati - it was all reheated stuff. That was already a bad sign since most capatis would get tough once it gets cold and no amount of reheating will change that. Imagine my surprise when I bit into the capati - it was as tender and soft as the moment it was first fried. A sign of good quality material used in the dough.

Then there was the sardine. I've had roti canai with sardine before but it was usually sardine with tomato sauce, straight out of the can. This was different. They took the sardine but they did not use any of the tomato sauce, instead they cook it in curry. 


Now that was something! Good curry + good sardine = mouthwatering deliciousness.

To top it all off, it was dirt cheap. A capati costs RM1 while the sardine curry was RM1. Yes, a RM2 meal!

The shop actually has a lot more curry choices recommended (beef, mutton, etc) but sardine was all that was left for that day. In fact, I think we had the last bit of sardine.

Verdict - Delicious, healthy(ish) and cheap. Must makan!

Restoran Capati Maju Rapat
Jalan Lapangan Terbang
31350 Ipoh

Price - $