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Durian 3 Way @ Jonker Walk, Melaka

We can't remember how or why a very last minute makan trip to Melaka came about but we were probably inspired by this CNNgo article.

To be honest, we could check our chatlogs, but this fuzzy recollection of how things happen is more authentically us. :D

Cendol & ABC @ Jonker 88

The shop is also famous for its laksa dishes but we were too full from lunch to have a bowl. 
ABC Durian

ABC Durian is typical ABC concoction with the added bonus of fresh durian flesh puree. The addition is what makes it unusual, also a little disconcerting.  You can never miss the flavour of durian in a dish, but (both) Nina (and TJ) had a bit of cognitive dissonance in having it paired with the other major note in the dessert, that of the rose syrup. It's not something that immediately comes to mind when it comes to complimentary flavours. Whether it works for you in the long run depends on how much you love durian to close one eye about the janglyness of the whole thing.

EPC (or Eight Treasure Cendol) doesn't actually come with durian. It's a cendol that comes with additional ingredients such as roasted peanuts, sweet corn, nutmeg and buah nipah (atap chee) . It feels more like what a Malay restaurant would consider as an ABC, in Nina's opinion, in the sense of 'let's throw in everything and damn the consequences!'. But the volume of the condiments is not overdone, so it's just right. We are not actually a fan of nutmeg by its lonesome, but it all works here.

Durian Cendol

Durian Cendol is the thing Jonker88 is known for (or at least how it's known for amongst ourselves). Plain perfect cendol added with a dollop of durian puree. The dish itself is what it's supposed to be: fresh, icy and creamy, so the addition of the durian was a welcome one. Nina likes the jolt of durian as it livens up the creaminess of the whole thing.

So what makes Jonker 88 cendol so special? The shaved ice is powdery fine, no chunky ice bits, the gula melaka is as thick as molasses and the santan doesn't taste canned. TJ has heard of better durian cendol places but sadly, not in a pork free shop.

RM4 each

Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff @ Pooh Kean Enterprise
Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff

The pastry was amazingly light and if you have it fresh, crispy and airy enough. It keeps well enough, but it's one of those pastries that tastes heavenly right out of the oven. The cold cream durian filling was just nice and not too much per puff. A perfect one-bite puff indeed! Just be mindful of your stomach and appetite: it might disappear in one bite, but your stomach won't thank you if you've overloaded. The box of 12 divided between 3 people was just nice - we couldn't keep eating because it's all finished, but we tak rasa tak puas hati because there weren't enough for all of us hahah.

However, do note that it's not fresh durian filling, just cream. For TJ, the best durian puff that actually has fresh durian in it would be in Petaling St (will blog abt that someday!).

Good news is you don't have to travel all the way to Melaka for these. Just head to the Mines, Sri Kembangan or Setia City Mall, Klang. Chit, kalau tahu, tak payah tunggu 10 minit for it to finish baking.

RM15 for a dozen.

Durian Fireball @ Iceland
Durian Fireball
We were actually hoping to have the durian crispy roll or crunchy roll, but alas, habis. So durian fireball it is. Unfortunately, it was terribly disappointing.

While the exterior shell, which tastes like a mochi/ glutinous rice that was dipped in batter and deep fried, is good, the filling...well look at the picture. Can you see the gooey golden creamy durian just oozing out of it?

Neither could we. :-/

RM5 for 3. 

Jonker 88
88, Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka
Price Range - $
No Pork Served

Pooh Kean Enterprise
96, Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka
Price Range - $
No Pork Served

Iceland (or maybe it's next door to Iceland?)
32, Jalan Hang Jebat
Price Range - $
No Pork Served

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