Monday, April 14, 2014

Serabei Cafe @ Ayer@8, Putrajaya

There's a new commercial area in Putrajaya called Ayer@8. I'm guessing the name is because it is at the waterfront (Ayer) and in Precint 8. It's a little hidden from the main road. 

Serabai Cafe serves East Coast food, such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Lompat Tikam, etc. They also have specials that they'll announce on their FB page.

Nasi Briyani 

K: You have a choice of chicken briyani, mutton briyani or a mixture of both. I took the mutton + chicken combo. The mutton was tender and nicely seasoned. The chicken was also delicious, not too spicy and not too hard, something that is common with chicken not freshly fried. (Roughly RM13-RM15)

Nasi Kerabu 

The Nasi Kerabu (about RM9) was served with pieces of fried chicken, telur masin (salted egg) and keropok. To those unfamiliar with this dish, it's rice mixed with raw herbs, veggies, and  kerisik (toasted dessicated coconut) drizzled with budu (fermented fish sauce) and sambal. The rice is either yellow (from tumeric) or blue (from a flower which unfortunately can be hard to come by, therefore most use food coloring). Funny the blue rice is usually called Nasi Kerabu Hitam, which means black. My east coast cousins tells me the name is derived from when the blue rice is mixed with all the condiments, making it look more black. 

OK, you're here for a Nasi Kerabu review, not thesis. Cut to the chase; I found the chicken to be a little tough and dry. Personally, I'd have prefer it with grilled beef or batter fried fish or solok lada (fish and dessicated coconut stuffed in a large cili). I would have also liked a little more budu but I like my sodium. 


I have never had Serabei (RM5) before, never even heard of it before that night! In fact, I thought the restaurant's name was just "serabai" in Kelantanese dialect - oops! They were like little fluffy dollar pancakes made of rice flour. It's very bland because it's supposed to eaten with this sweet, coconut-creamy sauce.

Lompat Tikam

Sadly we did not get to try the Lompat Tikam (RM5) despite ordering it. grandma gobbled it all up. She says it was good, and since she's Kelantanese, she should know better anyway.

Check out the view from Ayer@8.

I have to apologise for being rather vague about the pricing. My cat literally pissed on a whole bunch of receipts (which includes Fa-Ying).

If you are coming from KL, you have to turn right at the crossroads just before the Wawasan Bridge. Another left turn and the straight past the Precint 8 Low Risk Maternity Centre and voila, you're at Ayer@8.

Unfortunately, Googlemaps has not been updated to include Ayer@8 yet. However, Serabei's FB page has a map.

Verdict - Good service and atmosphere, excellent food presentation. TJ - in terms of taste, I find it slightly above average but bear in mind that I have very high standards for Nasi Kerabu. K - The chefs probably have formal training because the way they set out the plate reminds me of food from Top Chef. Taste wise, good enough for occasional visits but not something makes you yearn to go there time after time.

Serabei Cafe
Lot A2-3-GA, Ayer@8,
Jalan P8 G/13, Presint 8,
62000 Putrajaya
T: 012-9581056 or 019-2412115

Serabei Cafe Facebook

Price - $-$$
Opening Hours - 10am-10pm daily*
* Please check their FB or call the restaurant ahead as they are closed on occasions (usually Sundays based on observation la)

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