Saturday, March 15, 2014

Le French Wrap @ Gardens, Midvalley

Trivia - the sandwich is Sailor Mercury's favorite food because you can eat it while reading (or doing other studious things). Yes, I just dropped a Sailor Moon reference in this food blog. Because I can. And because everything Sailor Moon is awesome and I won't hear otherwise.

I happen to like sandwiches myself, and isn't it nice that we have more gourmet choices in Klang Valley now? A nice change from the usual sardine (though I am fan of that too!).

In The Gardens Mall, just opposite of Cold Storage supermarket is Le French Wrap. A friendly teeny tiny deli (I think it only has seats for 10?) that serves wraps and sandwiches.  that has just increased their tables!

The wraps, I guess this is the french twist, are crepes.

However, being my first time at Le French Wrap, I was recommended the bread, which according to my receipt is Pain Viennois (Viennese bread), instead. Baked fresh daily from a french bakery no less. Fuyoh, nice and soft.

I had the lunch set; a sandwich/ wrap with side order, RM17 + RM1 (the additional is upgrading from wrap to sandwich). My sandwich of choice - Le Mediterranean; chicken with sundried tomato cream cheese, crispy romaine and cherry tomatoes, with potato salad served with dill.

And despite having a creamy potato salad side, I felt like I had a very healthy lunch because everything tasted so light and fresh.

There's just one problem.

I had skipped breakfast that day (my bad), and was borderline ravenous. In this situation, my asian stomach would probably have preferred something heavier like nasi or noodles or mee instead of a healthy sandwich.

The Viennese  bread, while certainly not dinky, is narrow like a baguette, therefore smaller in portion than what you'd get at Subway sandwich.

Have I mentioned they have homemade sauces to go with these sandwiches? I had the wasabi mayo.

My sandwich was pleasant enough but once I had it with the wasabi mayo...wah liao! MOON PRISM POWER MAKEUP ~ transform from ordinary school girl to kick ass crime fighter! 

Seriously, a grilled chicken sandwich is nice but that wasabi mayo sauce brings in the naughty that makes you sit up and pay attention. They have other flavours, which hopefully is just as good. Only one way to find out kan?

There are other, healthier (there's that word again) side orders to choose from, like coleslaw, steamed spinach salad or fresh salad. There are also sweet wraps and mille crepe to tempt those with a sugar craving.

You can also make your own sweet or savory wrap/ sandwich starting from RM4. I would definitely like to try the sweet crepes next time. 

Verdict - J'taime! Especially that wasabi mayo sauce.

Le French Wrap
LG, Gardens Mall (Midvalley)
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
T - +603 7887 8417/18

Le French Wrap FB

Price - $ - $$
Halal meat sources
Open from 10am to 10pm

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